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Citation Club on Palmer Ranch

A “Class B” multi-family property, this project presented unique challenges as the property had a 96% occupancy rate during construction. Carta executed a $3,500,000 renovation including the replacement of 400,000 sq.ft of siding, 3,600 windows, and over 30% of the structural wood throughout the property. We are proud to say this project was completed on…

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West Park Village

A “Class A” multi-family property with over 700 townhomes and mixed use commercial. We designed and executed $550,000 of upgrades to the luxury complex’s clubhouse and broader property. The project included the building of a state of the art gym and members area, as well as the engineering and installation of a 40 ft. structural…

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Toufayan Bakery

Full design and ground up build of a 400,000 sq.ft. food processing facility. The facility included a main building and office space, as well as the production and processing lines, freight elevators and 10,000 sq.ft. of freezer storage.

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Other Commercial Projects

GMC Cadillac Dealership Transformed a rundown abandoned car dealership into a prototype high-end facility. The existing building had unique inverted steel girders that we modified and incorporated into the new design. The showroom and main offices included a visitors lounge with entertainment area and a 1,000 sq.ft. employee gym. We added a separate used car…

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Edward Jones

Carta is a preferred builder for Edward Jones Investments in Florida. We partner with the advisor and Edward Jones to achieve the professional atmosphere that exemplifies an Edward Jones Investment Office.